SHIFT: Day, Night, Graveyard

General Purpose of Job:
The Packer performs a variety of duties such as packing products, stacking boxes, janitorial work, processing, material handling, bailing, blending, floater, inspector, and other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
1. Review assignment sheet and report to assigned area and function.
2. Gather materials as needed to maintain production such as corrugated boxes.
3. Inspect quality of packaged product and remove irregular or damage packages from conveyor.
4. Pack products into boxes in preparation for stacking process.
5. Stack boxes on pallet in preparation for inventory storage and shipping.
6. Gather corrugated boxes and bail material for storage and shipping.
7. Rotate into various assignment such as janitorial, processing, material handling, bailing, blending, floater, inspector.
8. Support machine operator as needed.
9. Perform work in a fast paced environment, maintain production and quality requirements.
10. Follow safety policy and procedures.
11. Maintain proper housekeeping of area and equipment.
12. Perform all other duties as assigned.